Members are at the heart of EVA England; it was founded on the belief that we are stronger with a unified voice and that together, we can be the voice of electric vehicle drivers in England.

At EVA England, we aim to:

  • Support and represent electric vehicle drivers in England
  • Encourage the uptake of electric vehicles and accelerate the transition to an electric England
  • Make England a better place for EV drivers
  • Promote electric vehicle use and the associated environmental and health benefits of EVs to the public
  • Advocate on behalf of current and prospective electric vehicle drivers to the government and local authorities
  • Engage and empower members to be electric vehicle champions in their communities

By joining EVA England, you join other EV drivers around the country and have the opportunity to have your views about electric vehicles heard and amplified.

As a member, you will have access to:

  • Discounts and offers on various products, subscriptions and events
  • Our monthly newsletter, with the possibilty to share your experience with others in our blog
  • Our exclusive membership pack
  • A charging etiquette guide, as well as further guides and support
  • Specially organised events and our Annual General Meeting (AGM)
  • Various surveys and workshops that aim to help us better understand the big issues for EV drivers in England and inform our public activities.

Membership is open to current and prospective drivers of electric vehicles and costs £20 a year.

Some of our current benefits include:


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