We have compiled a list of useful resources that we found helpful when first buying and learning to live with our EVs. Read on to find our top picks of online resources. We’ve organised them around common questions we had when we started out as EV drivers.

I’m new to electric vehicles. Where do I start?


A jargon free resource with reviews, news and buying advice. Start with their ‘Your questions answered’ page for clear, concise answers to some of the most common questions about EVs.
Visit DrivingElectric

Electric Car Guide

From our friends at New Automotive. A ‘no frills’ guide to electric cars that busts some myths on costs, charging, range and safety. Check out their cost savings calculator to see how much you could save by making the electric switch.

Visit the Electric Car Guide

Fully Charged

This resource probably doesn’t need an introduction but check out Fully Charged for engaging material on clean energy and electric vehicles.

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Go Ultra Low

A joint government and industry campaign supported by OLEV. Their website has all the information you need about electric cars and vans, Government grants and incentives, as well as charging points and route planners.

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Green Car Guide

Another great, independent and expert resource for choosing an EV. Our friends at Green Car Guide have an excellent collection of reviews, guides and news on green, electric and hybrid cars – since 2006.
Visit the Green Car Guide

How do I choose the right EV for me?

EV Database

An overview of all EV and PHEV models in the UK. Search and compare by range, make, model and price. Check out their Cheatsheets page for easy to read guides comparing vehicles by acceleration, battery, energy consumption, range, price and top speed.
Visit the EV Database

Love my EV

Love my EV is on a mission to get more people loving how their EV moves them towards net-zero. Their site allows you to compare electric car models and also offers a comparison tool for solar and smart EV tariffs.
Visit Love my EV

What if I want to lease an electric car or van?


An electric car and van leasing site with a crack team that will help you find the right leasing option. They also have a handy EV guides section that range from general information to model specific quick start guides.
Visit DriveElectric


Onto is a hassle-free electric vehicle subscription service. For an all-in monthly fee, subscribers enjoy all the benefits of car ownership, but none of the hassle.
Visit Onto

How do I charge my EV?

Energy Saving Trust

Provides information and advice on home energy efficiency. We particularly like their guides and blogs. Check out their “Charging electric vehicles” page where you can download a complimentary copy of their Charging Electric Vehicles Best Practice Guide.
Visit the Energy Saving Trust


Has a great article that takes you through the basics of EV driving. From charging at home to public charging, Which? answers some of the most common questions on charging.
Visit Which?


In addition to helping you navigate the public charging network, Zap-Map has some fantastic guides on all things charging. From how to charge, to charging at home and charging when on the road, head to Zap-Map for their Guide to EV Charging.
Visit Zap-Map

How do I find a home chargepoint installer?


Rightcharge lets you compare home chargepoints and energy tariffs and recommends the right charger for your home charging needs. They also connect you with a government-approved installer with the best price for your choice of charger. EVA England members also enjoy a discount on a home charger purchased through the Rightcharge website. Details can be found in the Members’ Area of the EVA England website.

Visit Rightcharge

Electric Vehicle Consumer Code

The Electric Vehicle Consumer Code for Home Chargepoints (EVCC) sets out high standards for businesses who install, or work with installers, of domestic EV chargepoints. The Code aims to empower consumers by giving them confidence in choosing a home chargepoint installer!

Visit EVCC

How do I find public chargepoints?

A Better Route Planner (ABRP)

We like ABRP for planning longer trips. Simply type in your starting point, destination and vehicle model and ABRP will route your journey with chargepoints along the way.
Visit A Better Route Planner

Need to Charge

Need to charge and someone’s currently plugged in? You can enter their number plate to let them know. It’s free to use and offered in both website form and mobile app.
Visit Need to Charge


PlugShare has a database of over 300,000 chargepoints. Simply enter your location or postcode and find a place to plug in your EV. It’s also available as a mobile app.
Visit PlugShare


Zap-Map lets you locate EV charge points across the UK and Ireland. You can also leave status updates on the charge points you’ve visited, and they have a great range of guides to EV charging.
Visit Zap-Map

How do I find local groups and meet-up with other EV drivers?

EV Groups Nexus

Looking for a local electric vehicle club? EV Groups Nexus represents independent clubs from around the UK and Ireland and is a great place to start if you’re looking for a local club or meetup.
Visit EV Groups Nexus


Electric Vehicle Association Northern Ireland (EVANI) is dedicated to promoting EVs in Northern Ireland and representing the interests of their users.

EVA Scotland

A driving force behind the founding of EVA England, EVA Scotland represents EV drivers in Scotland. You can sign up for their newsletters free of charge.
Visit EVA Scotland

Colchester EV Society

Colchester Electric Vehicle Society (CEVS) is a group for owners and enthusiasts in the Colchester area. They aim to be a place for locals to get independent advice and guidance and ask questions about EVs.
Visit CEVS

What if I don’t have off-street parking?

Co Charger

Co Charger is a platform that lets you share a charge point within your local community. Their app enables people who cannot charge a vehicle at home, to do so within quick walking distance of their home.
Visit Co Charger


JustPark helps more than 6 million drivers make smarter and more sustainable journeys using its industry leading app. JustPark users can find, reserve and pay for parking and EV charging across thousands of car parks and residential driveways.
Visit JustPark

Is there anything else?


News, reviews and analysis of all things EVs. Although US-focused, it has some great articles to satisfy all your EV curiosity.
Visit Electrek

Electric Vehicle Approved (EVA)

The EVA badge gives you peace of mind that, when buying an EV from a franchised car dealership, you are speaking to staff who are trained in the ins-and-outs of EVs.

Visit Electric Vehicle Approved


A news service for ‘decision makers’ in the e-mobility industry. Sign up for their newsletters if you really want to nerd out on EVs, batteries, fleets and infrastructure.
Visit Electrive


An online image library from one of our founding board members, Gill Nowell. Images are submitted by EV enthusiasts around the country and are free to use.
Visit EVClicks

Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV)

The cross-governmental department supporting the uptake of zero emission vehicles. Head to their site for official news on grants, workplace charging scheme and policy.
Visit the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles

Transport and Energy

Transport and Energy seeks to bring together news from transport and energy (as the name implies). They have fantastic news stories and insights into both sectors, covering local, regional and business topics. Definitely worth a look!

Visit Transport and Energy

These are some of our favourite resources. We have tried, where possible, to avoid any resources that may be selling products or services.