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Bonnet allows electric car drivers to charge on EV chargers of multiple charging networks in the most reliable and user-friendly way.

Through their app, they provide access to thousands of charging locations across Europe.

Why Bonnet?

Range-anxiety is in your past.

Founded in 2019, Bonnet is a user-friendly platform designed to remove the stress and hassle from finding your nearest available electric car charging points. Working closely with a wide network of charging point partners across the UK and Europe, the Bonnet EV Charging app brings you access to thousands of charging points, simple pricing, innovative features and much more!

The platform leverages real-time data to ensure drivers always know which charging points are available. The excellent user experience is enhanced by the platform’s inbuilt customer service tool, providing instant support to any EV driver.

Finally, with Bonnet, you don’t need a separate card and app for every charging point provider – because they’ve brought a whole load of them together in one place, with more joining every day.

What are the benefits of using Bonnet?

  • See all chargers near you and filter these based on availability, location, speed or charging connector type


  • Remote start/stop across our network


  • Real time updates on charger uptime and availability for top reliability


  • Vehicle integration for accurate, reliable statistics on your charges


  • Earn rewards for more charging credit


  • Route Planning & Bonnet Home included with Bonnet Premium

Receive 10% off all your public charging with Bonnet for 2 months with an EVA England membership.

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