Alternative fuel vehicle
  • BEV
    Battery electric vehicle
  • CCS
    Combined charging system
  • CHAdeMO
    Charge de move charging system
  • E-REV
    Extended-range electric vehicle (or REEV)
  • EV
    Electric vehicle
  • FCEV
    Fuel cell electric vehicle
  • HEV
    Hybrid electric vehicle
  • ICE
    Internal combustion engine
  • kW
  • kWh
    kilowatt hour
  • OZEV
    Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (previously OLEV)
  • PHEV
    Plug-in hybrid electric vehicle
  • RDE
    Real driving emissions
  • REEV
    Range-extended electric vehicle (or E-REV)
  • ULEV
    Ultra-low emission vehicle
  • V2G
    Vehicle to grid
  • VED
    Vehicle excise duty
  • WLTP
    World harmonised light vehicle test procedure (replaces the old NEDC test)
  • ZEV
    Zero emission vehicle