Octopus Electroverse is your one-stop solution for charging on the go.

With over 650,000 chargers on the Electroverse network – all accessible by one card and app – it’s one of the largest EV charging networks in the world (not to mention, one of the simplest!).

Using the Electroverse is easy – with helpful features and filters to help you find your next charge. You can even use it in your EV! And to start a charge? All you need is a free-to-order Electrocard or the Electroverse app.
Charging rates are never marked up, with exclusive discounts added where possible. And you won’t find any pesky subscription or holding fees here – just fair, transparent pricing!


Why Octopus Electroverse?

Public charging should be simple. Gone are the days of needing multiple cards, apps and accounts to find your next charge – with Electroverse, all you need is one card, one app and one account to access a global network of EV chargers.

The Electroverse app is your key to the world of public charging. You can:

  • Find, view and route to chargers across the world – even those not currently partnered with Electroverse
  • Plan your journey using the in-built route mapper
  • Push destinations to CarPlay & Android Auto, or your favourite apps such as Waze and Google Maps
  • Filter and search the map for the type of charger you want to find
  • See your full charging history

The app is also where you control your charging account: from adding vehicles and managing payment methods to exploring the latest experimental charging features.

No subscription fees. No extra costs. All you pay for is the energy you take from charging.
Octopus Electroverse. It’s how public charging should be.


What are the benefits of using Octopus Electroverse?

  • Detailed charger information

Speed, live availability, on-site facilities. All the information you need to decide where to charge your EV.

  • Clear pricing

Rates are provided by the charge point operators, and where possible, we add exclusive discounts. The latest pricing for each charger is always available in the app.

  • It’s free to sign up & order an Electrocard

No subscription costs here! Sign up, order an Electrocard, and get charging.

  • Access exclusive discounts with charging providers

With their Plunge Pricing feature, Octopus Electroverse offers dynamic pricing on public chargers when energy costs are dropping in price – their recent Plunge Pricing events saw rates dropping by 45%

  • Helpful features to find your next charge:
    • Real-time charge point availability and information
    • Map filters for charging speeds, connector types and charging operators
    • In-app charging: start – and stop – a charge straight from your phone, and receive live charging updates from compatible operators
    • Electric route planner: plot a route anywhere in the world and receive a journey via EV chargers to ease any range anxiety.
      • Are you an Octopus Energy customer?

      Everyone is welcome to join Electroverse – you don’t need to be an Octopus Energy customer! However, if you are, you can link your accounts, so Electroverse billing is tied to your existing direct debit.

Receive £10 off your public charging with Octopus Electroverse with an EVA England membership.

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