Our landmark survey of over 1,600 electric vehicle drivers finds the vast majority would not return to a petrol or diesel car and feel positive about their charging experience.

We published today the 2023 edition of our EV driver survey, the largest of its kind, covering EV driver experiences, charging habits, and consumer confidence.

Amongst key findings, the survey reveals an overwhelming 91% of EV drivers have no intention of returning to a petrol or diesel car, highlighting extremely strong satisfaction levels within the EV community.

The survey finds confidence amongst EV drivers is running high, with drivers feeling more positive about the availability and condition of public charging and the general experience of EV ownership. 86% of drivers found owning an EV cheaper to run than a petrol or diesel car and 92% of EV drivers would also recommend an EV to a friend or family member.

A key component of consumer confidence is found in experience of EV charging infrastructure and its ability to meet user expectations. The Government has made considerable commitments to improve and grow the UK’s public charging infrastructure, most notably by committing to installing 300,000 chargepoints by 2030. The survey responses show that the current charging infrastructure rollout is heading in the right direction, with over half (53%) of drivers feeling that their charging experience over the last 12 months has improved, however that a small but significant proportion of drivers have faced issues with charger reliability.

We welcome the recent Public Charge Point Regulations as a real step forward from the Government to improve the EV driving experience – the new regulations around payments, enhanced reliability and transparent pricing have been in effect since November and will go some way to tackle these relatively rare but frustrating experiences.

Reliance on the public network is also growing, with 12% of EV drivers reporting that they exclusively use public charging points for all their charging needs. This is even higher in regions like London, where a significant 42% of drivers solely rely on public charging points. More and improved public charging infrastructure is therefore increasingly important as more and more drivers leave petrol and diesel behind.

Overall, this EV driver survey shows strong confidence levels across the EV community about driving and charging experiences, with EV drivers overwhelmingly likely to recommend both friends and family to make the switch from petrol and diesel, and not turn back.

James Court, Chief Executive of EVA England, said:

“This survey is further proof that EV drivers are pleased with their experience and would never go back to petrol and diesel. Public charging has developed in recent years, improving the EV experience for many, meaning more drivers are recommending the switch than ever before.

Yet there is still an urgent need for more, and better, charging infrastructure if we want a seamless transition to EVs.”

Notes to editors:

  • The EVA England EV 2023 EV Driver Survey ran from July to August 2023.
  • A total of 1619 drivers responded to the survey which was open to both EVA England members and the general public.
  • Please find below a selection of statistics pulled from the survey:
    • 91% of EV drivers have no intention of returning to a petrol or diesel car.
    • More than three quarters (76%) of drivers would definitely recommend an EV to friends and family.
    • 92% of EV drivers would likely recommend an EV to friends and family.
    • Over half (53%) feel their charging experience has improved over the last 12 months.
    • 86% have found owning an EV cheaper to run.
    • One tenth are solely using the public charging network for all charging needs.
    • Just under half (49%) of EV drivers have been driving an EV for 2 years or less, including nearly a quarter (24%) in just the last year alone, reflecting rapid uptake levels.

About EVA England

The Electric Vehicle Association (EVA) England was established in June 2020 to offer a voice, services and representation to current and future electric vehicle drivers in England. EVA England is a non-profit community interest company founded by passionate EV drivers inspired by the benefits of electric driving and concerned by the health and climate impacts of the use of petrol and diesel cars and vans.

EVA England is an independent group and represent our members and the wider EV driver community.

Press Contact: press@evaengland.org.uk

02038 220 811

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