envirorally is a not-for profit foundation offering international motorsport events for zero emission vehicles.

They’re a community of like-minded car enthusiasts with the desire to preserve the thrill and adventure of rally driving, yet protect the future of our planet.


Why envirorally?

Rally adventures are their passion.

But with a growing climate crisis they, like many others, ran out of excuses for racing fuel-burning combustion engines. So they founded envirorally, an organisation dedicated to rally driving with a conscience.

Their rallies are designed exclusively for zero-carbon vehicles. Standard/Production, Modified, and Bespoke electric cars are all welcome at envirorally events.

Maxiumum adventure, zero carbon.

100 mile envirodrives

envirorally has put together a series of 100 miles envirodrives around England to remind participants of the importance of preserving these landscapes for future generations, and the positive impact that zero-emission transportation can and does have on preserving the beauty that surrounds us.

  • Running from May to September, these rallies will take you from the Cotswolds to Corwall.


  • Lunches and stops along the routes allow participants to exchange stories, share their experiences, and perhaps, even forge new friendships within the EV community.


  • Open to all electric vehicle owners, enthusiasts and eco-conscious adventurers, from all levels of experience.

Get 10% off the entry fee of a 100 mile envirodrive with an EVA England membership.

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