e-car lease are a family-run business which has been supplying contract hire and lease vehicles for over 20 years and are now in their 8th year as EV-leasing specialists.

With a tailored and bespoke approach to EV procurement and process, while consistently being top-ranked on Trustpilot, e-car lease are one of the UK’s leading electric car and van leasing experts.


What are the benefits of leasing an electric car?

While you could buy an electric car, leasing gives you the opportunity to save even more on your monthly finances.

Getting set up with an EV can significantly reduce your monthly expenditure and help you contribute to a healthier, brighter environment. And with e-car lease, leasing an electric car is a breeze. You’ll feel the effects of a hassle-free hire process and being able to drive away with a brand-new electric car without the worry of vehicle depreciation or crazy start-up fees.

  • No vehicle depreciation

No stress about losing money at the end of your contract

  • Low running costs

An electric car can save you money month after month, year after year with a great price that works for you

  • Tax and manufacturer warranty included

An electric car can save you money month after month, year after year with a great price that works for you

  • Maintenance solutions

For an additional monthly cost, you can add the cost of all servicing, maintenance, tyres and breakdown recover for the full term. Complete piece of mind.

Why e-car lease?

With e-car you have everything you need on electric cars in one place, with experts on hand to help.

It’s not just about having the newest and most exciting eco-car offers. It’s also about the experience. Their team always goes above and beyond to ensure you receive a solution that meets your needs and requirements. Whether this means arranging vehicle brochures, onsite electric demonstrations, product reviews, or discussing different finance packages, you can be assured you are working with one of the UK’s leading electric vehicle specialists.

  • Affordable, bespoke lease offers

Create a customised leasing contract on an EV you love for an affordable, cost-effective leasing price

  • Simple, hassle-free leasing

No need to stress with our straightforward leasing process that gives you the confidence to lease every 2 – 4 years

  • Award-winning customer service

Their team goes above and beyond to make sure you receive a solution that meets your needs and requirements

  • EV Suitability

The e-car lease website is built around the EV experience; every deal sets out the range, charging capability and times, charging cost and charge point location for their customers. And simply download their amazing EVC™ to understand whether or not this electric car is suitable for you or your company!

  • ZapMap Premium

e-car lease now offers 1 year free of ZapMap premium with all their leases!

The EVC™

The EVC™, an Electric Vehicle Certificate, shows prospective customers the fundamental information they need to know about an electric car in a simplified format.

As well as key specs such as battery capacity, max charge power and vehicle consumption, the EVC has:

  • The combined ‘real world range’ of the electric vehicle based on mild and cold weather
  • Charging times for both AC and DC charging sessions
  • Estimated cost to fully charge at home or at public charging points together with a corresponding cost per mile.

e-car lease believes that this should be industry standard and that all dealerships and brokers should be using this (or similar) as part of educating customers.

Lease your EV via e-car lease with no admin fee (normally £360) with an EVA England membership.

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