Jeroen Komen (53) ordered his first electric car in 2009, but since it never got delivered, he bought a Nissan LEAF in 2011 instead. Jeroen has always been fond of innovations, that may explain why he successfully founded an IT company in 1995, which he fired himself from in 2010, leaving him with plenty of time to explore new innovations. He wrote a book on his flying adventures. You can also find his TEDx talk about it, where a picture of electrive driving is always included.

Jeroen will travel to Glasgow with his partner Danae Bodewes, who is a researcher on the topic of curiosity, and is currently writing a book about it. She explores not only how to increase curiosity, but also how external or internal powers can kill curiosity.

Jeroen and Danae now own a Tesla Model 3 as well, so they can conveniently make cross-country trips with their two kids Darius (14) and Kalista (3). They have already had several holidays to Norway, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, so they feel very relaxed now to travel from Holland to Glasgow and show the world how normal electric driving can be.

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