With many racing circuits in the UK banning or being quite reluctant to allow electric vehicles to attend, the Tesla Owners UK Club believe it’s important to show there is a market for EVs on tracks and showcase how incredibly fun EVs can be on a track.

So whether you’re a complete track novice or have a race licence, they want as many electric vehicle owners to book on to this EV-only track day on October 3rd at Castle Combe to prove to the naysayers that EVs have a place in UK Motorsport.

The event is open to both Tesla owners and all Electric Vehicles owners (no combustion engine) and it is begginer friendly as we will have exclusivity of the track, with only 12 cars on track at any time.

Times: Driver briefing 8.30am. Track open 9am-12.30pm and 1.30pm-5pm. Open pit lane.

Cost: Tickets are £150 per driver (including VAT) and £30 (inc VAT) for additional drivers (the we will not make a profit on this event, the aim is to cover costs.

For more information and tickets: