As part of its 100 envirodrives series, envirorally presents the North & South Downs Link

Starting/finishing points: One in the North Downs and one in The South Downs.

Lunch stop will be together, half way.

Organised by the passionate team of electric vehicle advocates at envirorally and aimed at promoting the advancement of sustainable transportation while enjoying the stunning scenery of the Downs Link. With the rolling hills and breath-taking vistas as the perfect backdrop, this envirodrive promises not only a great days driving, but a deeper connection with nature and a shared commitment to reducing carbon emissions.

With winding ascents and thrilling descents, the route will test the capabilities of the electric vehicles, but as we all know, electric engines, coupled with precise torque control and regenerative braking systems, even the most demanding stretches will be tackled with ease.

Click here to register for the North & South Down Link rally

£160 for a team of two.

Deadline for entries: April 26th 2024