Gill Nowell returns to EVA England’s Board of Directors

As we celebrate three years of being open to members, we are proud to announce that Gill Nowell, co-founding member and leading voice in transport decarbonisation, has returned to our Board of Directors.

Gill Nowell, Principal at sustainable engineering, design and advisory company AFRY, is widely recognised as a leading e-mobility market specialist and has dedicated years to pioneering EV-grid integration projects and data-driven innovation. A regular speaker and panellist on EVs and the move to a low-carbon, sustainable world, Gill has been a keen advocate for the uptake of electric cars since 2012.

Saturday 16th March 2024 marks the third anniversary since EVA England opened its doors to members. Members are at the heart of EVA England; it was founded on the belief that a unified voice is stronger, and today this collective strength keeps empowering them to advocate for change while ensuring that the needs and concerns of EV drivers are heard.

In response to her appointment, Gill commented:

“It’s an honour to be back on board as a Director of EVA England. Our original ethos remains true – to be the voice for both current and prospective electric vehicle drivers and to accelerate the transition to an electric England. Since its inception in 2020, EVA England has been at the forefront of driving forward, and fundamentally shaping, consumer-focused EV legislation.

“I’m excited to now work with the rest of the Board, the EVA England team, EV drivers and the Government as we navigate a new phase of electric car uptake, moving well beyond the early adopters and into the mainstream. A supportive policy framework, underpinned by communication of the real-world benefits of EVs, is more important than ever to ensure an equitable and informed transition to EVs across all of our communities.

“After all, and as my daughter once sang, electric cars are so good, and they don’t pollute!”

Gill Nowell co-founded EVA England during Lockdown in 2020. Amongst her many decarbonisation projects, she also founded EVclicks, a free online EV image library for use by anyone in aid of the transition to zero-emission transport.

Personally, and professionally, she’s fuelled by the pressing need to move to cleaner forms of transport. As a Principal Consultant at AFRY Management Consulting, Gill is on a mission to propel the UK into the future of decarbonised transport.

Voted as one of the Top 50 Women in Engineering: Sustainability in 2020, winner of the Women in Insurance Trailblazer Award 2022, and one of the GreenFleet 100 Most Influential 2024, she is also a keen runner, and a proud Mum.

Warren Philips, Chair of the Board for EVA England, remarked:

“We are delighted to welcome Gill Nowell back onto the board of EVA England. Her expertise and understanding of how EVs interact with the grid as well as her incredible knowledge of the energy and insurance industries, make her a superb addition to the team.

“Gill is a true pillar of the EV community and a founding member of EVA England, and she embodies the ethos of what we are striving to achieve. She strengthens our drive to address the challenges that EV drivers face, as we continue our mission to give them a voice and champion new government policies and industry changes.”

James Court, CEO of EVA England, said:

“The last three years have seen EVA England achieve a huge amount, and that is down to the efforts of our founding directors such as Gill, and our members’ engagement.

“In a very short amount of time EVA England has established itself as a leading force for EV drivers, sitting on numerous government and industry groups, being a regular voice on TV and radio, as well as successfully campaigning for new consumer regulations.

“The year ahead is full of opportunities, with the general election offering a real chance to push the EV agenda, and having one of the OGs back on the board will further strengthen the organisation.“

About EVA England

The Electric Vehicle Association (EVA) England was established in June 2020 to offer a voice, services and representation to current and future electric vehicle drivers in England. EVA England is a non-profit community interest company founded by passionate EV drivers inspired by the benefits of electric driving and concerned by the health and climate impacts of the use of petrol and diesel cars and vans.

EVA England is an independent group and represent our members and the wider EV driver community.

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02038 220 811

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