Back in July, the new Charge Point Regulations 2023 were unveiled. These are officially coming into force today, starting with the Pricing Metric, which comes into effect immediately.

What is the Pricing Metric?

Starting today, the total cost of a charging session must be prominently displayed clearly in pence per kilowatt-hour (p/kWh).

The price can be displayed either on the charge point or through a separate device. The separate device includes an app provided there are no sign up requirements.

What will this regulation achieve?

The Pricing Metric regulation will promote transparency and enable informed decision-making. It ensures that EV drivers have a clear understanding of the cost before initiating a charging session, preventing nasty surprises. 

In the case of bundled pricing (e.g. parking included), the equivalent price for charging must be on display in p/kWh. This does not need to include overstay fees and so this should still be an effective way to avoid people holding up a charger longer than necessary.

And if the charge point doesn’t follow this regulation? There’s a penalty of up to £10,000 per charge point!

What’s next?

Over the next year, the UK Charge Point regulations will require charge point operators to provide open data, contactless payments, a free 24/7 helpline and their rapid charger network must achieve, on average, 99% reliability. They will also have 2 years to enable consumers to pay through at least one roaming provider.

Full Circle CI developed this handy infographic which gives an overview of the regulations, including their key components and the schedule for each implementation phase.

An infographic by Full Circle CI giving an overview of each of the key components of the UK Charge Point Regulations 2023 which are coming into force today for chargepoints available to the public. These are Pricing Metric, Contactless, 99% Reliability, Helpline, Open Data and Roaming.

Want to find out more about the Charge Point Regulations 2023?

Head over to our deep dive to see how they will bring exciting improvements to charging, making the EV experience more convenient, reliable, and user-friendly.

You can also find the official legisltation here.

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