We are launching The Great EV Charging Survey and hope you will find the time to respond.

EVA England wants to hear your view about your experiences of using public charge points.

Our last survey got over 1,000 responses, and helped build our message and policy asks to government. 

On the back of that incredible response, we helped shape the new charger regulations which will introduce reliability targets for Charge Point Operators, contactless payments, roaming and open data.

This survey will help steer the next stages not only of the EVA England’s campaigning work, but also that of the current and future government, with a general election expected next year, as we want to ensure that the voice of current EV drivers is heard.

The Great EV Charging Survey covers issues around charging such as costs, safety, reliability, and accessibility, as well giving a truer picture of what owning an EV is really like and the issues you face. 

We also look at areas that you would like to see government undertake, as well as areas where the industry can do better.

We do ask some questions about your personal information, this helps us analyse any patterns in the responses, but the survey is completely anonymous. There are options not to answer any questions if you prefer not to and we will not be able to identify you, nor will we share any information with a third party. We are planning to write a report following this survey, but all answers will be shared as part of the response of the whole survey.

Even better, all those who do can also enter to win one of five £100 Octopus Electroverse charging credit!

The Great EV Charging Survey will run for three weeks until Wednesday 9th August, and shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes to complete. We encourage all current EV drivers to take our survey, including those with Battery Electric Vehicles and Plug-in Hybrids.

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