EVA England is proud to support the Zemo Partnership 20th Anniversary Conference and Celebration, which will take place on Clean Air Day, Thursday 15 June 2023, at London’s City Hall, with the support of the Mayor of London.

Zemo 20:Zero is a live conference and 20th anniversary celebration uniting government, local authorities, industry, expert stakeholders – and you – to ensure we deliver a sustainable zero emission transport future for all.

At Zemo 20:Zero, we’ll celebrate what’s been achieved so far. But far more importantly, bring local and national government, leading speakers, industry experts and interactive exhibitions together at London’s inspirational City Hall in Docklands to explore what needs to happen over the next 20 years

You’ll hear from key politicians, industry figures and environmental stakeholders across all sectors and disciplines about their policies to tackle climate change and improve air quality. And how we must work together to accelerate us towards a future of zero emission, sustainable transport that’s better for all.

With leading speakers, interactive exhibitions and great networking opportunities all followed by a celebratory early evening reception – with some fun and surprises lined up – this event is not to be missed!

To book your place and find out more, visit www.Zemo.org.uk/Zemo20Zero

Who is the Zemo Partnership?

The Zemo Partnership bring government, industry and experts together with one ultimate aim – to accelerate transport to zero emissions.

They’re an independent non-profit partnership, working tirelessly with government and their members to help shape future policy, create influential transport initiatives; and provide expert advice to those working to reduce transport emissions, improve air quality, and combat climate change through cleaner mobility.

They are collaborative, providing an impartial platform for debate and cross-sector coordination that connects people with evidence-based insights and robust data. Their work informs the decisions and strategies needed to accelerate us towards a future of zero emissions, sustainable transport that’s better for all.

They’ve played a pivotal role successfully delivering the UK’s transport emissions targets for 20 years. Today, we’re more committed than ever to make real change happen faster.

From personal transport to freight, fleet and fuels, we are determined to create a shift in the way people think about mobility.

EVA England is part of the Zemo Partnership’s Member Council, a sub-committee of the Board which provides the Managing Director and the Board with guidance on Partnership activities.

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