• Long awaited details of the 2035 Internal Combustion Engine ban announced
  • The ZEV Mandate will give certainty to OEMs, chargepoint operators and consumers.
  • £470m of LEVI Funding for local charging infrastructure also announced

CEO of EVA England James Court reacts to the announcement of the ZEV Mandate –

“Across the world, governments are preparing for the banning of the internal combustion engine, and for the UK to be the first major economy to introduce legislation shows that the UK plans to be a leader in this area and not be left behind

“This is crucial legislation that gives certainty to car manufacturers, chargepoint operators, and most crucially to drivers. 

“There was a risk that the UK could have become a secondary market, the dumping ground for polluting cars. But this legislation will mean not only having a healthier place to live, but also keeps the hope alive of a strong, attractive, and thriving UK car manufacturing base.

“The onus is now on industry and government to push forward with the much-needed infrastructure, and we are delighted with the additional £470m funding for local schemes also announced today which should ramp up the installation of chargepoints in the coming years.

Please see the consultation document here or on the DfT website:

Want to find out more about the ZEV Mandate?

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