EVA England welcomes the COP26 declaration on zero emission cars and vans which has been launched today on Transport Day at COP26 (10 November 2021).

EVA England has signed up to this declaration as part of the Global EV Drivers’ Alliance (GEVA) and welcomes the UK’s commitment to the fastest possible transition to zero emission cars and vans. GEVA is part of the alliance of businesses, governments, cities and other organisations globally.

The transition to EVs has speeded up since the UK Government’s announcement of the phase out date for sales of new petrol and diesel cars in 2030. EVA England welcomes the support for this declaration from many countries and hopes that many more countries, cities, companies and other organisations will sign up to it and commit themselves to the clear timetable for the accelerated move to 100% zero emission cars and vans.

The EV drivers from GEVA called for all new cars and light duty vans sold in the 28 countries (45 EV Drivers’ Associations) represented in GEVA to have a plug by 2030, and to be fully zero emission by 2035 at the latest. A rapid shift to zero emission electric transport is currently being achieved in many countries. This can be speeded up by supportive policies and the involvement of Electric Vehicle Associations in policy making and encouraging people in their countries to drive electric.

GEVA is calling for action now to shift from vehicles burning fossil fuels to vehicles running on clean, renewable electricity which is better for the health of our communities. This has never been more urgent than it is today.

The Electric Road to COP26

At the start of COP26 drivers from nine different EU countries (Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Portugal, Slovenia, Sweden and the UK) drove from their countries to Glasgow, where they were joined by Irish drivers, and Norwegian and USA Associations on GEVA’s Electric Road to COP26 in order to:

  • Support the call for much faster transport decarbonisation globally
  • Increase the public’s awareness of the benefits of EVs for the environment and health (by reducing carbon emissions and helping to improve air quality)
  • Promote the voice of EV drivers and their Associations globally working with GEVA.

The Electric Road to COP26 was organised by FFAUVE from France, EVA England and EVA Scotland on behalf of GEVA, a network of 45 national Electric Vehicle Drivers’ Associations from around the globe. GEVA facilitates global collaboration on best practices, policies, education, and other EV-related initiatives. GEVA believes that zero emission mobility is necessary to combat climate change and to improve health and global transport.

The ZEV Alliance Report ‘Policies for a mature, flourishing & equitable EV charging ecosystem’, published on Monday 1 November by the ZEV Alliance and GSMP, acknowledged the important role that Electric Vehicle Associations play, for instance: “The most mature charging ecosystems will have good consumer representation – these member groups are critical to represent the voices and views of the drivers to Government.”

The COP26 declaration on zero emission cars and vans

The COP26 declaration on zero emission cars and vans is a landmark global agreement launched by the UK Presidency on Transport Day at COP26, which brings together national governments, states, regions, cities, vehicle manufacturers, businesses, investors and civil society all committed to working towards 100% zero emission vehicle sales by 2035 in leading markets, and no later than 2040 globally.

This joint declaration is a commitment from all actors in society to rapidly accelerate the transition to zero emission vehicles to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement. Collectively, we want this declaration at COP26 to signal the end of polluting vehicles.


COP26 declaration: zero emission cars and vans

The COP26 declaration on zero emission cars and vans is a landmark global agreement launched by the UK COP presidency to signal the end of polluting vehicles – find out more:


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