EVA England, a consumer association offering a voice for electric vehicle drivers in England, encourages electric vehicle (EV) drivers and members of industry to share their experience with home and public EV chargepoint reliability. Have your say by completing the online survey.

This survey will help the Assure Charge project assess the reality of today’s user experience regarding charge point reliability, helping to inform what works and what our industry needs to improve to deliver the infrastructure required for the widespread transition to EVs. More information on the project can be found below.

Project description

The Assure Charge project will undertake industrial research and development of a software service platform to improve maintenance, repair and reliability of EV chargers.

The project will leverage the large volumes of connected data available from EV charging infrastructure to operate and maintain this infrastructure more reliably and efficiently. It will do this by enabling collaboration among existing and new market players and providing them with the information and tools they require to achieve the levels of reliability required for the widespread adoption of zero-emission vehicles.

The Assure Charge project will develop an MVP of the underlying platform that connects local workforces with EV charge point service and repair requirements.

Privacy statement

The results of this survey will be used in the Assure Charge project by the University of Strathclyde to help understand the experiences of EV drivers and industry stakeholders relating to charge point reliability.

This will help baseline the performance and reliability of charge point infrastructure today and set expectations for the future.

No identifiable information will be collected, and any responses will be assessed and used in a way that ensures confidentiality. 

All responses will comply with General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). More information on the data protection policies in place at The University of Strathclyde can be found here:


Participation in the survey is optional, and we appreciate the time taken to respond!

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