What is EVA England?

EVA England is a membership organisation for existing, new and prospective drivers of electric vehicles. We are a not-for-profit community interest company, established in June 2020.

Who can join EVA England?

Membership is open to existing, new and prospective drivers of EVs, including battery electric, plug-in hybrid and fuel cell vehicles. We welcome drivers of all types of EVs.

How much does it cost to join?

Membership costs £20 a year.

What does EVA England offer members?

With your membership, you’ll receive our exclusive EVA England Membership Pack, which details the ins and out of living with an EV. You’ll also receive access to events, newsletters and special deals from our industry partners.

What if I drive a company car? Can I still join?

Yes! Membership is open to all EV drivers, whether you lease, own or drive a company car or van.

What if I don’t own an electric vehicle? Can I still join?

Membership is open to all, although our aims, ambitions and activities remain focused on current and prospective drivers of electric vehicles.

Who is EVA England?

EVA England started as a group of individuals who made the switch to electric vehicles. We were formally established in June 2020 to offer a voice for EV drivers in England.

Find out more on our About Us page.

How is EVA England organised?

EVA England has a Board of Directors, all volunteers, who are responsible for guiding the activities and operations of the organisation. EVA England also employs one member of staff who helps with the behind the scenes work necessary to the running of EVA England.

Find out more about our current Board on our Meet the Board page.

How are you going to offer a voice for EV drivers in England?

EVA England intends to identify key issues and barriers relating to EV adoption with members, and then take action to address them with Government, local authorities, and industry organisations.

How does EVA England make decisions?

Policy-related decisions are ultimately the responsibility of the Board of Directors. However, members will have their voices heard in decisions through consultations, surveys and the AGM.

How is EVA England funded?

EVA England is a not-for-profit community interest company, meaning the bulk of our income comes from membership subscriptions and other donations and grants. Any income generated goes straight back into the organisation for the benefit of our members and the work we carry out on behalf of our members.

Why is it EVA England? What about the rest of the UK?

This is an excellent question! When we started, we aimed to be collaborative and to not duplicate the work of those who came before us. In fact, EVA Scotland was instrumental in guiding and informing the foundations of EVA England. We work closely with them and other electric vehicle drivers’ groups in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Are you an unelected quango?

Unequivocally, no. We are a group of passionate electric vehicle drivers who want to make England a better place for EV drivers and to encourage and empower others who have made, or are considering making, the switch to EVs.