The House of Commons might be in recess, but the House of Lords has launched an inquiry on EVs, examining the importance of the decarbonisation of transport and transition to EVs to secure Net Zero targets.

The aims of this inquiry are:

  • To understand how the Government will achieve its upcoming 2030 and 2035 deadlines for the phase out dates for non-zero emission vehicles, with a focus on passenger cars, as well as exploring the main obstacles and barriers to meeting these targets.
  • To understand the costs, alongside the benefits, associated with the 2030 phase out date, and to understand Government progress towards decarbonising car usage by this earlier date.

The Committee is seeking written evidence in the following topic areas:

  • The Government’s approach to achieving 2030 and 2035 phase-out dates;
  • The EV market and acquiring an EV;
  • Experience of using an EV;
  • End of life disposal of EVs;
  • National and regional infrastructure and charging issues; and
  • International perspectives.

The government inquiry on EVs closed on 15th September. All the details can be found here.

EVA England selected questions from the inquiry that were most pertinent to its members and we wanted to ensure that our member’s opinion on these was heard.

Answers to these questions were collated by EVA England and were the basis for its response to this call for evidence. Want to make your voice heard for future consultations and inquiries,make sure to join EVA England today!

Picture credit: EVclicks.

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