EVA England presents a webinar on Improving accessibility of the UK charging network.

This webinar aims to get EV drivers and public views on the BSI consultation on national accessibility standards for EV Charge Points. These standards are sponsored by the Office for Zero Emissions and Motability, and the consultation runs until 4th May 2022. This will be an important event not only for drivers but for everyone who wants accessible EV charging. We encourage you to attend and find out how you can contribute to the consultation.

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James Court- EVA England CEO

Warren Philips- EVA England Director – Presenter

Emilia Platoni- Partnerships Manager at Motability

Mat Campbell Hill- member of EVA England, a passionate disabled EV driver and EVAE’s representative on the BSI steering committee.

Roger Warner- A YouTuber and enthusiastic disabled EV driver. Roger’s YouTube channel ‘Warner Wheeling About’ showcases how he copes as a disabled driver with hand controls, EV charging his electric mini and so many other videos by putting himself and his cars to the test.

After the speakers there will be Q&A session

We hope to see you there!

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