EVA England has partnered with leading TV and content creation company, Zinc Media Group, to produce ‘Drive the Change’, a new branded content series that aims to demystify the growing world of EVs and showcase the cutting-edge designs and concepts changing the way we travel forever. 

This multi-part series presented by award-winning motoring journalist, Erin Baker, is a comprehensive consumer guide to EVs. Erin will also explore the future of EVs, meeting with pioneering businesses, brands, and people helping to drive change. 

From the horse drawn cart, to the internal combustion engine, and now the electric vehicle revolution, the industry is at a tipping point of a new future for travel. Shot on location across the country, each episode will provide inspiring insights that help demystify the world of EVs, as well as offering a glimpse into the future of the automotive industry and its path towards sustainability.

“We are excited to be part of this ground-breaking series that will showcase the importance of electric vehicles and the sustainable future of travel” says James Court, CEO of EVA England

Dominic de Terville, Director of Branded Content at Zinc Media Group, says “Drive the Change promises to be the definitive consumer guide to buying an EV, providing viewers with the information and inspiration they need to make informed decisions about future car purchases”

Drive the Change will be available to stream online via a well-respected online newspaper as well as on the EVA England website. The series promises to provide viewers with a unique and inspiring insight into the future of automotive industry and its path towards sustainability.

Watch the trailer now:

Drive_The_Change_Series_Promo from Zinc Media Group on Vimeo.

For more information, or to explore partnership opportunities with this series, please contact Alex Gibson, Business Development Director, Branded Content. Alex.Gibson@ZincMedia.com.

About Zinc Communicate and Zinc Media Group

Zinc Communicate is the commercial content division of Zinc Media Group – a leading TV and content creation company.

Amongst other specialisms, Zinc Communicate create content that covers the world of sustainability in various industries, including tourism, pensions, edtech, mining, finance, and farming. The company explores how the world is changing to meet the challenges of climate change with its core values of sustainability, purpose, and creativity.

About Erin Baker

Best known for her roles as Motoring Editorial Director at Telegraph Media Group then Auto Trader, and her many TV and radio appearances as a consumer expert, Erin has been driving the conversation when it comes to the future of the automotive product for almost 20 years, in national, specialist and lifestyle press.

Erin has worked directly with many well-known brands from Bentley to Ford in recent years, pioneering the blend of first-class automotive content with the right audience to meet commercial objectives. She specialises in engaging the female automotive consumer via the right tone of voice, language, and platforms.

She continues to write for numerous publications including Vogue and Marie Claire, widening the automotive conversation to reflect the nature of the industry as it evolves to sustainability and connectivity over horsepower and engine size.

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