• EVA England offers members discount on EV subscription service from Onto

• Opportunity for drivers to try an EV with no long-term commitment

• One of an increasing number of exclusive offers for EVA England members

Hot on the heels of its recent launch, Electric Vehicle Association (EVA) England has partnered with electric vehicle (EV) subscription company Onto. To celebrate this partnership, Onto is offering EVA England members a £50 discount on an EV subscription. EVA England is in the process of developing a range of exclusive offers; a discount on an EV subscription has the potential to allow more people to try an electric car without any long-term commitment for any time period from 30 days upwards.

Onto offers a range of EV makes and models for a variety of budgets. Driving an electric car is easy with Onto’s subscription service, just choose a car and when you want it delivered, using the Onto app. EVs that are available include the Renault ZOE, Nissan LEAF, Hyundai IONIQ, BMW i3, Peugeot e-208, DS 3 Crossback e-Tense, Hyundai Kona, Tesla Model 3, Jaguar I-PACE and Audi e-tron. Cars are available from just £339 per month, which includes insurance, charging, maintenance, servicing, breakdown cover and 24/7 support – and no deposit is needed.

EVA England has been set up to offer a voice to both current and prospective electric vehicle drivers in England. The association is keen to support as many people as possible to drive EVs, and the subscription service offered by Onto can offer a cost-effective way to enjoy electric motoring without the upfront cost of buying an EV or the need for a deposit or long-term commitment when leasing a car.

Onto CEO and Founder Rob Jolly comments: “Onto is delighted to partner with EVA England to help encourage people to make the switch to electric vehicles. Onto focuses on making EV adoption accessible, easy and affordable by offering a subscription service with all-inclusive charging, insurance and mileage to remove any worry or hassle for first time EV users.”

Gill Nowell from EVA England adds: “EVA England welcomes all opportunities to help more people make the shift to EVs, which in turn will help to improve our air quality. Onto’s EV subscription service is a great way for people to try an EV, and even swap between different models of EVs, without the upfront cost of an outright purchase or a deposit on a lease.”

EVA England has recently opened to members. The association – which is a non-profit community interest company – has been set up to offer a voice to both current and prospective electric vehicle drivers in England. It aims to provide up to date, reliable information about EVs and charging, as well as promoting the health and environmental benefits of electric vehicles. EVA England members have access to a variety of discounted services and products as well as specially organised events.

Members will also have the option of participating in surveys that aim to better inform on the big issues for EV drivers in England, which in turn will help shape EVA England’s activities. Building on the success of its first survey on Government policy in July 2020, EVA England recently issued a survey on the UK Government Consumer Experience of Public Charging Consultation. Over 1,200 EV drivers have responded to the survey and EVA England will soon be sharing the results, with the aim of helping to ensure that electric vehicle charging infrastructure is widespread, reliable, safe and user-friendly, across all driver groups.

EVA England membership is open to current, new and prospective drivers of electric vehicles and costs £20 a year.

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Editors Notes

About Electric Vehicle Association (EVA) England

Electric Vehicle Association (EVA) England was established in June 2020 to offer a voice, services and representation to current and prospective electric vehicle drivers in England. EVA England is a non-profit community interest company registered in England and Wales, founded by passionate drivers inspired by the benefits of electric driving and concerned by the health and climate impacts of the use of petrol and diesel cars and vans.

EVA England media contact

Gill Nowell, EVA England Board Member and Media Liaison

E: gill.nowell@evaengland.org.uk

W: www.evaengland.org.uk

About Onto

Onto was founded in 2018 by Rob Jolly and provides an accessible way for motorists to drive electric cars without being locked into an outdated lease agreement. In the last three years, Onto’s new and innovative approach to car ownership has proved a hit with consumers – causing many to move away from car dealers and the traditional internal combustion engine. Since 2018, Onto has expanded rapidly and now accounts for close to 5% of all new UK electric vehicle registrations monthly. As of January 2021, Onto offers:

Renault ZOE ZE40 R110 – £339 per month

Renault ZOE ZE50 Iconic R135 – £389 per month

Renault ZOE ZE50 GT Line R135 – £419 per month

Peugeot e-208 GT Line – £449 per month

Nissan LEAF Acenta – £449 per month

BMW i3 120ah – £469 per month

DS3 Crossback E-Tense Performance Line – £499 per month

DS3 Crossback E-Tense Ultra Prestige – £529 per month

Hyundai Ioniq – £419 per month

Hyundai Kona – £559 per month

Tesla Model 3 SR+ £799 per month

Tesla Model 3 LR – £999 per month

Tesla Model 3 Performance – £999 per month

Jaguar I-PACE HSE EV400 – £1299 per month

Audi e-tron – £1299 per month

Onto media contact

For Onto media enquiries, please contact Sally Brown or Claire Simpson at Hard Numbers: